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Printing in Jadwin Hall

Before printing, please consider mother nature and Princeton's commitment to sustainability.
There are about two dozen network printers distributed all over Jadwin Hall.
Windows and Mac users must set up a printer (better two) manually, from their own account, no admin privileges needed.
Use the following super easy 2-step instructions to install, or delete-reinstall anytime:

Printing from Windows:

  1. Run \\ or \\ and double-click the desired printer.
    On non-DeSC machines, enter Princeton\NetID and OIT password.
  2. Set your own printing preferences via printer properties to override the defaults.

Printing from Mac OS X:

  1. In System Preferences, open Printers and click "+".
  2. The "Add" window will pop up, click the IP tab and fill the following 3 fields, for example:, Protocol:LPD, Queue:phy_jadwin_hall_311, Name/Location:Room-xxx
    Click "Add".

Printer queue names:

   \\PrintDell\                  Location
   phy_jadwin_hall_108c          108  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_208a          208A Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_208ac         208A Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_311           311  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_311c          311  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_330           330  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_352           352  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_378           378  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_399           399  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_408           408  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_412           412  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_418           418  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_418a          418A Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_439a          439A Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_a17           A17  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_a17c          A17  Jadwin Hall

   \\PrintCanon\                 Location
   CR398_PS3                     208A Jadwin Hall
   CR339_PS3                     235  Jadwin Hall
   CR337_PS3                     311  Jadwin Hall
   CR338_PS3                     A18  Jadwin Hall
Please see this illustration.