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MAP65 works together with suitable hardware that converts RF to baseband.  The hardware/software combination implements a wideband, highly optimized receiver for the JT65 protocol, with matching transmitting features using a standard SSB transceiver.  MAP65 can be used in both single-polarization and dual-polarization systems.  If two polarization channels are available, MAP65 determines and matches the linear polarization angle of each decodable signal.  This capability provides a major advantage for efficient EME ("Moonbounce") communication on the 144 and 432 MHz bands.  A single-channel system works extremely well for 23 cm EME, displaying all signals (both CW and JT65) in the sub-band 1296.000 to 1296.090 MHz and decoding the JT65 signals.

MAP65 can accept input signals directly from a soundcard capable of sampling at 96000 samples per second.  Two audio channels (one "stereo" channel) are required for a single polarization system, and four channels for dual polarization.  Optionally, Linrad (by SM5BSZ) or SDR-Radio (by HB9DRV) can be used as convenient and highly effective "front ends" between receiver hardware and MAP65's data input.  Linrad offers extremely effective noise-blanking capabilities, especially when strong signals are present in the receiver passband.  SDR-Radio offers user-friendly control of supported receiver hardware, as well as many useful and attractive displays.  MAP65 also supports the FUNcube Dongle and several all-digital receivers including the SDR-IQ and Perseus.

The latest release, MAP65 2.5, includes two new modes not yet described in the User's Guide.  JT65B2 and JT65C2 use the same tone spacing as JT65B and JT65C, respectively.  They are keyed at twice the rate, and T/R sequences are 30 seconds rather than one minute.  Sensitivity of the fast modes is 3 dB worse than the standard modes.  The B2 and C2 modes allow EME contest QSOs to be made at twice the rate, up to about 20 QSOs per hour.  Version 2.5 also includes support for the IQ+ XT 144 MHz exciter from LinkRF.

The following hardware and software combinations are known to work well with MAP65:

  • WSE with Linrad or direct input from 4-channel soundcard
  • IQ+ with Linrad or direct input from 4-channel soundcard
  • SDR-IQ, other RFspace radios, or Perseus with Linrad or SDR-Radio
  • FUNcube Dongle with Linrad, SDR-Radio, or direct USB input
  • SoftRock or similar with Linrad, SDR-Radio, or direct input from 2-channel soundcard
  • MAP65 User's Guide

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