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Using atomic physics to probe fundamental symmetries.

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Our experiments are performed by a small group of people and use a variety of experimental techniques and devices, such as optical pumping, NMR, high-Tc SQUID magnetometers, single frequency and high power diode lasers, multi-layer magnetic shields and ultra-low noise electronics. Substantial effort is devoted to detailed understanding and modeling of systematic effects. We are also exploring practical applications of the developed techniques, such as sensitive detection and imaging of the magnetic fields produced by the brain.

Contact Information

Name Email Phone Jadwin Hall Office
PI Mike Romalis romalis AT princeton DOT edu 609-258-5586 230
Research Staff Nezih Dural ndural AT princeton DOT edu 609-258-1602 B33B
Postdoctoral Morgan Hedges mhedges AT princeton DOT edu 609-258-4406 228

Mark Limes mlimes AT princeton DOT edu 609-258-8148 227

Merideth Frey mfrey AT princeton DOT edu 609-258-9622 226
Graduate Students
Jun Yi Lee junyilee AT princeton DOT edu 609-258-0702 307

Charles Gaomi Zha jgzha AT princeton DOT edu 609-258-0702 4th floor
High School Student Samuel Dai ~ 609-258-0702 B21
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609-258-1625 B21
Address Physics Department, Jadwin Hall, Princeton University
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Romalis group, summer 2013
Not pictured: Merideth Frey (Photo: Debayan Mitra)

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