Gong show

On Thursday afternoon at 4 p.m. there will be a "Gong Show" session in Richardson Auditorium in Alexander Hall. This will consist of several 6 minutes talks in presentation order listed below.

The single video of the Gong Show can be found here.

Name Affiliation Title  
Frank Ferrari Université Libre de Bruxelles A Quantum Model of Black Hole slides
Jonathan Maltz Kavli IPMU Deconfinement transition as black hole formation by the condensation of QCD strings slides
Rajesh Gupta ICTP Logarithmic Corrections to Black Hole Entropy slides
Massimo Taronna Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics On Higher-Spin Symmetries, Cubic Interactions, AdS and CFT slides
Achilleas Porfyriadis Harvard University Kerr/CFT Signals in the Sky slides
Uri Kol Tel Aviv University The holographic dilaton slides
Alexandre Belin McGill University Holographic Phases of Renyi Entropies slides
Alexander Patrushev Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Renyi entropy and spectral geometry slides
Jennifer Lin University of Chicago N=1 duality and the Superconformal Index slides
Bogdan Stoica Caltech Universal Spectrum of 2d Conformal Field Theory in the Large c Limit slides
Matias Leoni Olivera Universidad de Buenos Aires & Conicet On ABJM BDS exponentiation slides
Tomohisa Takimi Harish-Chendra Research Institute Studies on Chern-Simon matter theories slides
Alessandro Sfondrini Humboldt University Integrability in AdS3/CFT2 slides
Ben Heidenreich Harvard University Discrete Torsion and Orientifolds slides
Ahmad Zein Assi CERN Topological Amplitudes & the String Effective Action slides
Andrew Royston Texas A&M Soliton Contributions to Perturbative Amplitudes slides


There will also be a Gong Show at PiTP 2014. It will occur on Wednesday, June 18 from 4:45 to 6:45pm in Wolfensohn Hall at the Institute for Advanced Study.