Poster session

A poster session will be held at Princeton University's Brush Gallery, McDonnell Hall on Monday evening, followed by the conference reception.

Poster # Name Affiliation Title
47 Yuhma Asano Department of Physics, Kyoto University Emergent bubbling geometries in the plane wave matrix model
41 Thales Azevedo ICTP - SAIFR Open-closed superstring amplitudes in AdS
26 Thomas Bachlechner Cornell A New Angle on Chaotic Inflation
17 Carlos Alfonso Ballon Bayona University of Porto Magnetic field in AdS/QCD deconfinement transition
59 Igor Bandos Ikerbasque and UPV/EHU Supersymmetric action for multiple M0-branes
31 Chuan-Tsung Chan Tunghai University Duality Constraints on String Theory
20 Shira Chapman Tel Aviv University Linear response theory for superfluids
53 Franz Ciceri NIKHEF 2B supergravity with local USp(8) invariance
24 Giuseppe Dibitetto Uppsala University Approximate slow-roll from IIA compactifications
46 Eric Dzienkowski UCSB Open Spin Chains for Giant Gravitons and Relativity
8 Netta Engelhardt UC Santa Barbara Extremal Surface Barriers
54 Theodore Erler LMU Munich Solutions in String Field Theory
64 John Estes Imperial College, London Geometry of M2-branes Ending on M5-branes
52 Thiago Simonetti Fleury IFT - Instituto de Física Teórica - Unesp Harmonic Superspace from AdS5 x S5
56 Martin Fluder Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford Supersymmetric gauge theories on squashed five-spheres and their gravity duals
43 Mitsutoshi Fujita Tokyo U., Kavli IPMU Large N orbifold equivalences in 3d CFT
36 Ilmar Gahramanov Humboldt-University Berlin A new pentagon identity for the tetrahedron index
12 Damian Galante Perimeter Institute Universal scaling in fast quantum quenches in conformal field theories
63 Dongmin Gang Korea Institute for Advanced Study Holography of wrapped M5-branes and 3d-3d relation
7 Hugo Garcia-Compean Department of Physics, CINVESTAV Half-flat Quantum Hair
55 Karan Govil Pennsylvania State University AdS5/CFT4 and AdS7/CFT6 higher spin algebras
35 Naofumi Hama Yukawa Institute AGT relation in the light asymptotic limit
33 Hirotaka Hayashi Instituto de Física Teórica UAM/CSIC Topological strings and 5d TN partition functions
2 Eliot Hijano UCLA A generalization of entanglement entropy in higher spin theories
39 Yoshinori Homma Harish-Chandra Research Institute Exact Kahler Potential for Calabi-Yau Fourfolds
31 Hirotaka Irie YITP, Kyoto University Duality Constraints on String Theory
21 Karol Kampf Charles University Unification of Galileon Dualities
62* Darya Krym NY City College of Technology Geometry of M2-branes Ending on M5-branes
38 Tsunehide Kuroki Nagoya University SUSY breaking in noncritical superstring theory
57 Hiroki Matsuno Tokyo Institute of Technology Supersymmetric backgrounds from 5d N=1 SUGRA
22 Thomas Mertens Ghent University, Belgium The Thermal Scalar in Curved Spacetime
37 Samuel Monnier Universität Zürich New results about global gravitational anomalies
25 Wynton Moore University of Chicago Modeling quantum gravity effects in inflation
51 Hironori Mori Osaka University M5-branes and Wilson Surfaces in AdS7/CFT6
15 Horatiu Nastase IFT-UNESP Conductivity in the gravity dual to massive ABJM
3 Masahiro Nozaki Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Quantum Entanglement of Local Operators
6 Noriaki Ogawa RIKEN Entanglement of CFTs via Rotating BH Interior
4 Kentaro Ohmori University of Tokyo Physics at the entangling surface
30 Yiwen Pan Yang's Institute of Theoretical Physics Contact Instanton and Contact Geometry
18 Juan Pedraza The University of Texas at Austin Evolution of non-local observables in an expanding boost-invariant plasma
44 Brenda Penante Queen Mary University of London Super form factors in N=4 SYM
45 Raul Pereira Uppsala University Three-Point Functions for Short Operators
27 Franco Pezzella INFN - Naples Division Comparing two double string theory actions
32 Thomas Pugh Max Planck Institute Munich F-theory on Spin(7) Holonomy Manifolds
42 Joshua Qualls University of Kentucky Constraints on 2D CFTs and 3D Gavity
1 Charles Rabideau University of British Columbia Entanglement entropy in nonlocal field theories
23 Cupatitzio Ramirez Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla Tachyon potentials from a supersymmetric FRW model
60 Valentin Reys Nikhef Black hole entropy and full-superspace integrals
10 Debajyoti Sarkar Lehman College, CUNY Black Hole Formation at the Correspondence Point
50 Yuki Sato University of the Witwatersrand Membranes from monopole operators in ABJM theory
28 Michael Schulz Bryn Mawr College Generalizing Kaluza-Klein Reduction
14 SangJin Sin Hanyang University Physical mechanism of AdS instability
49 Allic Sivaramakrishnan UCLA Physics department Color-Kinematic Duality in ABJM Theory
40 Evgeny Sobko Ecole Normale Superieure Two-point correlator of twist-2 light-ray operator
11 Sotaro Sugishita Department of Physics, Kyoto University Holographic Holes in Higher Dimensions
61 Yang Sun University of North Carolina Partition Functions of Gauge Theories and M5-brane
48 Ryo Suzuki Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford The spectrum of tachyons in AdS/CFT
29 Eirik Eik Svanes University of Oxford Heterotic supergravity, moduli and the alpha' expansion
58 Nesty Torres-Chicon University of California, Berkeley Janus configurations with SL(2,Z)-duality twists
13 Tomonori Ugajin University of Tokyo Two dimensional  quantum quenches and holography
5 Christoph Uhlemann University of Washington Holographic entanglement entropy vs. backreaction
9 Justin Vazquez-Poritz New York City College of Technology CUNY Strings on AdS Wormholes
34 Jacob Winding Uppsala University Gluing Nekrasov Partition Functions
19 Haitang Yang Sichuan University New Cosmological Signatures from Double Field Theory
16 Kubra Yeter-Aydeniz University of Tennessee, Knoxville Spontaneously Generated  Inhomogeneous Phases via Holography