Plenary and Parallel Talks


Name Title    
Anderson Hidden geometry in heterotic string and F-theory compactifications slides video
Basso Scattering amplitudes at strong coupling beyond the area paradigm slides video
Baumann B-modes and the Nature of Inflation slides video
Bizon Gravitational turbulent instability of AdS5 slides video
de Boer The entropy of a hole in space-time slides video
Bousso A Proof of the Covariant Bound slides video
Cachazo Scattering Equations slides video
Casini Entropy inequalities and quantum field theory slides video
Cheng Umbral Moonshine and String Theory slides video
Chesler A holographic perspective on the Kibble-Zurek mechanism slides video
Conlon Moduli, a 0.1-1 keV Cosmic Axion Background and the Galaxy Cluster Soft Excess slides video
Cordova Toda CFT from Six Dimensions slides video
Cremonini Probing the structure of quantum phases of matter with holography slides video
Dabholkar Quantum Black Holes and Quantum Holography slides video
Dolan Amplitudes and the Scattering Equations, Proofs and Polynomials slides video
Erdmenger Applications of AdS/CFT to high energy and condensed matter physics slides video
Esole Singularities and Gauge Theory Phases slides video
Freedman Precision Tests of the AdS/CFT Correspondence slides video
Gaiotto Topological properties of N=1 SYM slides video
Gauntlett Holographic Lattices, Metals and Insulators slides video
Gomis Sphere Partition Functions, the Zamolodchikov Metric and Surface Operators slides video
Gopakumar From Higher Spins to Strings slides video
Graham New methods for discovering light fields slides video
Green Through a Glass Darkly slides video
Gromov Quantum spectral curve and AdS/CFT spectral problem slides video
Gross A Perspective on String Theory slides video
Guica A toy model for the Kerr/CFT correspondence slides video
Hanada Monte Carlo approach to string/M-theory slides video
Hellerman String Theory of the Regge Intercept slides video
Hubeny Holographic Entanglement slides video
Kachru Mock Modular Moonshine for M22 and M23 slides video
Klevers Recent Progress on the Abelian Sector of F-theory slides video
Komargodski A Cardy-like formula in four dimensions slides video
Kovac Detection of B-mode Polarization at Degree Angular Scales with BICEP2 slides video
Kutasov SUSY N=1 ADE Dynamics slides video
Sangmin Lee Scattering amplitudes in three dimensions slides video
Sungjay Lee RR Charge and Gamma Class slides video
Leigh The Exact Renormalization Group and Higher Spin Holography slides video
Liu Entanglement Tsunami slides video
Mafra The superstring 3-loop amplitude slides video
Maldacena Geometry and quantum mechanics slides video
Marchesano F-term axion monodromy inflation slides video
Marino Non-perturbative effects in M-theory slides video
Minahan Three-point correlators from string theory amplitudes slides video
Moore Physical Mathematics and the Future slides video
Murugan Meromorphic functions and the topology of giants slides video
Neitzke A smooth R3 index for N=2 theories in four dimensions slides video
Nekrasov Nonperturbative Dyson-Schwinger equations and novel symmetries of quantum field theory slides video
Papadodimas The black hole interior in AdS/CFT slides video
Polchinski Black Hole Information: Spacetime versus Quantum Mechanics slides video
van Raamsdonk Gravitation from Entanglement slides video
Raju State dependent operators and the information paradox slides video
Rastelli Chiar algebras and the superconformal bootstrap in four and six dimensions slides video
Sen Mass renormalization and vacuum shift in string theory video video
Silverstein The powers of monodromy slides video
Simmons-Duffin Bootstrapping the 3d Ising Model slides video
Staudacher N=4 Scattering Amplitudes and the Regularized Graßmannian slides video
Steinhardt What has been learned from BICEP2? slides video
Stieberger Unity of tree–level superstring amplitudes slides video
Strominger Quantum Gravity and String Theory slides video
Sundrum BTZ/CFT slides video
Tachikawa Recent advances in SUSY slides video
Takayanagi Quantum Entanglement and Local Operators slides video
Tomasiello New gravity duals for higher-dimensional superconformal theories slides video
Tonni Entanglement negativity in conformal field theory slides video
Trnka Four-point scattering from Amplituhedron slides video
Tseytlin Strings in AdS and their deformations slides video
Vafa On 6d SCFT's slides video
Vasiliev Higher-rank fields, currents and higher spin holography slides video
Warner Resolving Black Holes via Microstate Geometries slides video
Witten Opening Remarks   video
Weigand Mordell-Weil torsion and matter spectra in F-theory slides video
Zaldarriaga The dawn of B-mode cosmology slides video