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High Tc and Correlated Superconductors

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Momentum dependence of superconducting gap, strong-coupling dispersion kink, and tightly bound Cooper pairs in the high-Tc (Sr,Ba)1-x(K,Na)xFe2As2 superconductors
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We report a first study of low energy electronic structure and Fermi surface topology for the recently discovered iron-based superconductor Ca10(Pt3As8)(Fe2As2)5 (the 10-3-8 phase, with Tc ~8K), via angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). Our results suggest that intermediary layers Pt3As8 couple only weakly to the FeAs layers in this new superconductor.

Fermi surface topology and low-lying electronic structure of a new iron-based superconductor Ca10(Pt3As8)(Fe2As2)5.
Published in Madhab Neupane, C. Liu, S.-Y. Xu, et al., Phys. Rev. B. 85, 094510 (2012).