My research focuses on applying the methods of physics, math and engineering to the investigation of biological systems. Some of the topics I am investigating include:


  • How do populations of molecular assemblies like protein aggregates, viruses and vesicles assemble and subsequently disassemble.  This question is like asking how to untie a knot at the molecular level.


  • Microfluidics offers a way to not only create efficient ways to transport tiny volumes of fluid but also a way to explore the complexity of fluid motion itself. Part of my lab includes a microfabrication facility that is open to other members of the research community though joint projects.


  • Over the past 7 years, I've designed and taught a variety of new physics courses for non-science and life science majors. As part of this, I have been exploring the use of a range of  "5-minute demos" within the classroom to better facilitate intuition through hands on experience without the extensive overhead of a traditional lab.


  • I am involved with a variety of custom projects involving summer students and Princeton undergraduates.


Future Links:

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