LHC Olympics Black Box Webpage

Here are the two new black box data sets. Both black boxes contain new physics signals without SM background, and are based on a total integrated luminosity of about 20 fb-1. Black Box A is designed to be somewhat easier. Blackbox C contains a signal plus SM background.

Link to Blackbox A

Link to Blackbox B

Link to Blackbox C

The blackboxes have been generated in three steps. First, matrix elements are calculated to obtain the rate for the particular short-distance production process. The short distance physics is then evolved to long-distance physics, accounting for jet formation, tau decays, etc. For these blackboxes, this is done with Pythia 6.4. As the final step, the resulting long distance state is run through the PGS detector simulation program, written by John Conway. For more detailed explanations and updated discussions, please go to the LHCO wiki . The login for the wiki is "olympian" and password is "blackbox."

A simple Mathematica notebook, made with the user friendly Chameleon package, with a couple of basic plots for black box B, is found here. For beginning LHCO participants, a good place to start is to make a similar notebook for black box A, and then think of more plots you would like to add yourself!

It should be noted that the version 4 of PGS used to generate the above boxes is still in its beta-testing stages, and users might expect to see (hopefully at most minor) modifications of the boxes in the future as updates become available. To keep apprised of possible updates to the boxes, please put your e-mail address on the notification list. It is also advisable to check the wiki for announcements periodically.

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