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Vasileios Paschalidis

Department of Physics office: Jadwin Hall 229
Princeton University email: vp16@princeton.edu
Princeton NJ, 08544

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Welcome to my homepage!

I am a research scholar in the Department of Physics at Princeton University, and a member of the Princeton Cosmology and Gravity Theory group, carrying out research at the interface of gravitational physics and astrophysics. The goal of my work is to understand strong field gravitation and to solve long-standing astrophysical puzzles. Much of my work aims at modeling gravitational wave sources.

The dawn of gravitational wave astronomy and astrophysics is here! On Thursday, February 11, 2016, the LIGO-VIRGO Scientific collaboration (LVSC) announced to the world the first direct detection of a gravitational wave signal! You can read more about this historic moment in my research.

Congratulations to the LVSC on their breakthrough!

Useful links: arXiv, ADS, Princeton weather

I am always excited to work with students. Senior undergraduate and graduate students interested in numerical relativity, gravitation, gravitational wave source modeling, and relativistic astrophysics are encouraged to contact me via email to schedule a meeting and discuss about potential projects that can be done in collaboration with me and Professor Frans Pretorius.

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