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All computing resources on campus are subject to Princeton University's Acceptable Use IT Policy.
All the servers (Central and Departmental), are located at HPCRC Data Center, 151 Forrestal Road, Plainsboro, linked to Jadwin Hall with 10 Gbps fiber.

Campus wide Common Resources:

University provides some common IT resources that are administered by OIT Every one is automatically assigned a unique id called NetID and given accounts on the following servers:

  • Mail servers. Instructions on howto setup various mail client can be found at
  • Microsoft Windows Princeton domain for printing/file-sharing/VPN/electronic-journals etc.
  • Unix systems (, PICSciE, TIGRESS,

The initial password on all these servers is a combination of a random string and user's SSN. All users must activate their account using instruction given in their welcome package sent to their home address, if you lost it, ask for a copy in the Department Manager's office, see: For help on howto access your unix account, shared file system, or Unix see For help, please call directly the OIT HelpDesk (609-258-HELP or

Departmental Resources:

Departmental HPC cluster Feynman is based on Intel hardware and Linux software. It maintains binary compatibility with our central research computing facility. We use the same Linux distribution, same addon computational packages, same CAS for authentication, and same SLURM batch manager/job-scheduler. We have merged most of the common information on the central research computing web site. Here we provide only a few department-specific notes.

  • Feynman Linux cluster is currently running Springdale Linux which is based on RHEL 7. It has a SLURM batch management system and job scheduling. A dedicated web server hosts personal and group sites exported from feynman cluster. For more details and requesting an account, disk quotas etc, see:

  • Department acquires/distributes/supports some commercial and Open Source software that is typically used by physicists. Licensing and pricing of these software packages is as follows:
    • Intel High Performance Compilers Studio, site licensed. Price for end users: Free.
    • MATLAB Site licensed. Installation: By network only. Price for end users: Free.
    • AutoDESK, site licensed. Price for end users: Free.
    • SolidWorks, site licensed. Price for end users: Free.
    • Mathematica site-licensed for faculty an staff. Students can get it directly from Wolfram. Price for end users: Free
    • Ansys Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution suite. Price for end users: Shared by participating groups.
    • National Instruments LabVIEW. Shareware, licensed by the department. Price for end users: Free.
    • Microsoft Windows OS, Office Suite, McAfee Anti-Virus, CrashPlan backups, Acrobat etc. Price for end users: Free.
      Installation: Part of DeSC image, other may borrow CDs. Price for end user: Free.
    • A package of various public domain software for Windows (Cygwin, MiKTeX, Acroread, SSH client, firefox/thunderbird...) Installation by network only. Price for end users: Free.
    • Other commercial packages can be installed on demand. Price for end users: Actual cost.

  • Most buildings are equipped with campus wide WiFi network. Most recommended wifi network is EDUROAM, login with and your home password. Visitors can connect to PUVISITOR network with self-registration for up to 13 months. Visitor's access to Campus resources is limited.
  • About a dozen public access machines (Windows/Macs/Linux) in Brush Gallery, for visitors.
  • Printing in Jadwin Hall please follow sustainability policy of the University.
  • Projecting to TVs in Jadwin Hall for hosting small meetings/seminars.
  • For electronic announcement of events on Jadwin Hall building network, see
  • For submitting purchase requests, see the Physics Purchasing Portal.
  • For buying items from Physics Stockrooms, see the Self-Checkout System.
  • For creating/editing mass-mailing lists, see the IT Support listed below.
  • For creating Network Shared Drives on our File Server, see the IT Support listed below.
  • For creating temporary NetIDs with specific permissions on Windows Active Directory, see the IT Support listed below.


Apart from administering the above referred departmental computing resources, the departmental IT group can also help you in buying, setting up and administring linux, Windows or Mac systems. Contact us if you want to order and have the new machine setup before your arrival to Princeton. We can also help you with registration of your or visitor's laptops in the OIT Hostmaster.

All computing support help requests should be queued using "IT Support" link on the department's homepage.

Some of the IT services and software archives are restricted to Princeton network. From outside, you will need to VPN to Princeton. Instructions on howto setup VPN connection can be found at

For problems requiring personal attention, please contact or visit us at A17 Jadwin Hall)