Program Development

Program Development

Operating Systems

WSJT-X, WSJT, MAP65, WSPR, and WSPR-X can be compiled for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Macintosh OS X, and most other UNIX-like operating systems. The download links on pages for each program retrieve pre-compiled installation packages for Microsoft Windows, and in some cases also for Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions.  Users of other operating systems or distributions must compile the programs from source code. 

Source Code

WSJT-X, WSJT, MAP65, WSPR, and WSPR-X are open source programs distributed under terms of the GNU General Public License.

The graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for WSJT-X, MAP65, and WSPR-X are written in C++ and use the Qt framework.  Most of the number-crunching in these programs is done in Fortran, and some functions are implemented in C.

The GUIs for WSJT and WSPR are written in Python.  As with WSJT-X, MAP65, and WSPR-X, most of the number-crunching is done in Fortran.

Anyone interested in the communication problems addressed by these programs  is invited to study, adapt, modify, or enhance the code and contribute to further development of the programs.  Source code is maintained under the version control program Subversion in a public open-source repository at SourceForge. For updates and other information on the continuing development of these programs you are invited to subscribe to the WSJT developers email list.

Building the Programs

Software development kits known as JTSDK have been developed by KI7MT to help anyone build the WSJT suite of programs under Windows or Linux.  The kits provide more-or-less automatic downloading and installation of all needed compilers and utilities.  Further details and download links can be found here.

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