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Berry's Phase

New Topological States of Matter (Inst. for Adv. Study Distinguished Lecture at HKUST)
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Observation of Unconventional Quantum Spin Textures in Topological Insulators.
D. Hsieh, Y. Xia, L. Wray, et al.;
Science 323, 5916 (2009).

A tunable topological insulator in the spin helical Dirac transport regime.
D. Hsieh, Y. Xia, D. Qian, et al.;
Nature 460, 1101 (2009).

Topological phase transition and texture inversion in a tunable topological insulator.
S.-Y. Xu, Y. Xia, L.A. Wray, et al.;
Science 332, 560 (2011).

Hedgehog spin texture and Berry's phase tuning in a magnetic topological insulator.
S.-Y. Xu, M. Neupane, C. Liu, et al.;
Nature Phys. 8, 616 (2012).

  Berry's phase and quantization in topological insulators.
M. Zahid Hasan
Physics 3, 62 (2010)

  Demonstration of a Fully Bulk Insulating (Intrinsic) Topological Insulator
Observation of topological surface state quantum Hall effect in an intrinsic three-dimensional topological insulator.
Published in Y. Xu, I. Miotkowski, C. Liu, J. Tian, H. Nam, N. Alidoust, J. Hu, C.-K. Shih, M. Z. Hasan and Y. P. Chen,
Nature Physics 10, 956 (2014).