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  Principal Investigator:

M. Zahid Hasan (Zahid)

Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics (2017- )
Princeton University. Professor of Physics (2011--)
Robert H. Dicke fellow in fundamental physics at Princeton (2002) (Independent Researcher)
NE Visiting Scientist at Bell Laboratories (2002-03)
PhD (2002) Stanford University & Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC National Lab)/Stanford Univ.

Project-Lead: Led multiple mid-scale scientific collaborations at/or between/among Berkeley Lab, Stanford/SLAC, Bell Laboratories (Research), ESRF (France) and Brookhaven National Laboratory.
All projects funded by U.S.DOE.


Lead-P.I. : Theory Team on Topological Matter
Theory funded by multiple agencies
Berkeley Lab projects
GBMF-EPIQS funded theory projects
Topological materials discovery theory projects
Chern/Kagome/Weyl/Exotic magnet discovery theory
P.I. : Princeton team-lead on Anyon/Majorana research under DOE(QIS research); GBMF/Moore foundation and Princeton Univ. funds

P.I. Ultrafast & Coherent Quantum Phenomena Lab

EPiQS Investigator Quantum Matter (including Theory)
GBMF/ Moore Investigator ( STM/STS/AFM/MBE + Theory ) Laboratory for Topological Quantum Matter and Advanced Spectroscopy, Princeton Physics Labs (B-7/B-2/B-9/B-64 Jadwin) include a theory group
Lab website
Moore GBMF webpage
Faculty and Executive Committee (2005-), Engineering-Physics Program, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University
EP webpage
Faculty (2002-), PRISM (Materials Institute, User of IAC), PRISM webpage

Faculty Member (2016-): Quantum Science and Engineering
QSE (Q. Materials & New Qubits) @ Princeton Univ.
Princeton Quantum Initiative (PQI)

Scientific Member (2020-): Quantum Science Center (QSC) [A National Quantum Information, NQI, Science Research Center of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)]
Oak-Ridge National Laboratory

Co-Lead Proposer: MERLIN beamline (ARPES+RIXS) at ALS-LBNL-Berkeley (2005-)
Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; ALS-LBNL DOE User Facility
Miller Visiting Professor at UC Berkeley (2016-17)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2016--)
LBL webpage

Our group leads, directs or co-leads a number of projects at national and international laboratories including LBNL (Berkeley), SLAC (Stanford), Brookhaven, Paul Scherrer Inst (Switzerland), SOLEIL (France) and Rutherford-Appleton lab (Oxfordshire, UK).
CNMS-SAC Member, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Princeton Office:
321 Jadwin Hall: Princeton Univ., Princeton, NJ 08540
Email: ;; Phone: 609-258-3044

Berkeley Office:
LBNL/AML Bldg-2; Room-235
1 Cyclotron Rd, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, CA 94720


Brief Bio


Administrative Support:
Katherine Lamos
Office: 311 Jadwin Hall

  ## Unpredicted and/or Unexpected Experimental Discoveries of novel quantum effects (see, Link)

## Theoretical prediction/discovery of novel phases & quantum matter leading to experiments (see, Link)

## Experimental methodologies and novel subroutines developed to make spectroscopy as a decisive probe of quantum topology (see, Link)


Time-reversal symmetry-breaking charge order in a kagome superconductor
NATURE 602, 245-250 (2022)

Charge-order and Superconductivity in Kagome Materials
Nature Physics 18, 137-143 (2022)

Probing topological quantum matter with scanning tunnelling microscopy
Nature Reviews Physics 3, 249-263 (2021)

Weyl, Dirac and high-fold chiral fermions in topological quantum matter
Nature Reviews Materials 6, 784–803 (2021)

Discovery of unconventional chiral charge order in the normal state of kagome superconductor KV3Sb5
Nature Materials (2021)

Photocurrent-driven transient symmetry breaking in the Weyl semimetal TaAs
Nature Materials 21, 62-66 (2022)

Signatures of Weyl Fermion Annihilation in a Correlated Topological Kagome Magnet
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Many-body Resonance in a Correlated Topological Kagome Antiferromagnet
Physical Review Letters 125, 046401 (2020)

Quantum-limit Chern topological magnetism in TbMn6Sn6 ( 2D Topo.Insulator in a natural magnet)
NATURE 583, 533–536 (2020)

Field-free platform for Majorana-like zero mode in superconductors with a topological surface state
Phys. Rev. B 101, 100507 (2020)

Fermion-boson many-body interplay in a frustrated kagome paramagnet (Theory and Experiments)
Nature Commun. 11, 4003 (2020)

Unconventional photocurrent responses from chiral surface Fermi arcs in topological semimetals (Theoretical prediction)
Physical Review Letters 124, 166404 (2020)

Observation of Weyl fermions in a magnetic non-centrosymmetric crystal (Theory and Experiments)
(Magnetic Weyl Semimetal)
Nature Commun. 11, 3356 (2020)

Spin-orbit quantum impurity in a topological kagome magnet (Theory and Experiments)
Nature Commun. 11, 4415 (2020)

Discovery of topological Weyl fermion lines and drumhead surface states in a room temperature magnet (Theory and Experiments)
Science 365, 1278-1281 (2019)

Quantum phase transition of correlated iron-based superconductivity in LiFe1-xCoxAs (Theory and Experiments)
Physical Review Letters 123, 217004 (2019)

Magnetic-field control of topological electronic response near room temperature in correlated Kagome magnets
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Topological Chiral Crystals with Helicoid Arc Quantum States (Theory and Experiments)
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Negative flatband magnetism in a spin-orbit coupled kagome magnet (Theory and Experiments)
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Giant and anisotropic many-body spin–orbit tunability in a strongly correlated kagome magnet
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Topological quantum properties of chiral crystals (Theoretical Prediction)
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Chiral Majorana Fermion Modes on the Surface of Superconducting Topological Insulators
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Magnetic Weyl fermion semimetals in the R-AlGe family of compounds (Theoretical Prediction)
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A novel artificial condensed matter lattice and a new platform for one-dimensional topological phases (Theory and Experiments)
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Topological Hopf and Chain Link Semimetal States and Their Application to Co2MnGa (Theoretical Prediction)
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Mirror Protected Dirac Fermions on a Weyl Semimetal NbP Surface
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Unconventional chiral fermions and large topological Fermi arcs in RhSi (Theoretical Prediction)
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Type-II Topological Dirac Semimetals: Theory and Materials Prediction
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Magnetic tunneling induced Weyl node annihilation in TaP
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Signatures of a time-reversal symmetric Weyl semimetal with only four Weyl points
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Discovery of Lorentz-violating Weyl fermion semimetal state in LaAlGe materials
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Discovery of Weyl Fermion Semimetals and Topological Fermi Arc States
Ann. Rev. Cond. Mat. Phys 8, 16 (2017)

Weyl semimetals, Fermi arcs and chiral anomaly
Nature Materials 15, 1140-1144 (2016) (Cover Story)

Discovery of a new type of topological Weyl fermion semimetal state
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A strongly robust type II topological Weyl fermion semimetal state in Ta3S2 (Theoretical Prediction)
Science Adv. 2, e1600295 (2016)

Topological Nodal-Line Fermions in Spin-Orbit Metal PbTaSe2
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Signatures of the Adler-Bell-Jackiw Chiral Anomaly in a Weyl Semimetal
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Prediction of an arc-tunable Weyl Fermion metallic state in MoxW1-xTe2 (Theoretical Prediction)
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Signatures of Fermi Arcs in the Quasiparticle Interferences of the Weyl Semimetals TaAs and NbP
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Criteria for Directly Detecting Topological Fermi Arcs in Weyl Semimetals
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Discovery of a Weyl Fermion semimetal and topological Fermi arcs.
Science 349, 613 (2015).

Observation of Fermi Arc Surface States in a Topological Metal.
Science 347, 294 (2015).

A Weyl Fermion semimetal with surface Fermi arcs in the transition metal monopnictide TaAs class (Theoretical Prediction).
Nature Commun. 6:7373 (2015) (submitted Nov. 2014).

Topological Insulators, Topoogical Superconductors and Weyl Fermion Semimetals
Phys. Scr. T164, 014001 (2015)
Proceedings of Nobel Symposium on New Forms of Matter.

Gigantic surface life-time of an intrinsic topological insulator revealed via time-resolved (pump-probe, ultrafast) ARPES.
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Unconventional transformation of spin Dirac phase across a topological quantum phase transition.
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Observation of monolayer valence band spin-orbit effect and induced quantum well states in MoX2.
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Observation of quantum-tunnelling-modulated spin texture in ultrathin topological insulator Bi2Se3 films.
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Observation of a three-dimensional topological Dirac semimetal phase in high-mobility Cd3As2.
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Observation of Dirac Node Formation and Mass Acquisition in a Topological Crystalline Insulator.
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Topological-Metal to Band-Insulator Transition in (Bi1-xInx)2Se3 Thin Films.
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MERLIN - A meV Resolution Beamline at the Adavnced Light Source (at Berkeley Lab)
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List of Scientific Collaborators