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Topological Kondo Insulator Candidates

Nature Commun. 4, 2991 (2013)
Physical Review B 91, 155151 (2015)


The Kondo insulator SmB6 has long been known to exhibit low-temperature transport anomalies whose origin is of great interest. We uniquely access the surface electronic structure of the anomalous transport regime by combining state-of-the-art laser and synchrotron-based angle-resolved photoemission techniques. We observe clearly in-gap states, whose temperature dependence is contingent on the Kondo gap formation. In addition, our observed in-gap Fermi surface oddness tied with the Kramers' point topology, their coexistence with the two-dimensional transport anomaly in the Kondo hybridization regime, as well as their robustness against thermal recycling, taken together, collectively provide strong evidence for protected surface metallicity with a Fermi surface whose topology is consistent with the theoretically predicted topological Fermi surface.

First spectroscopic observation of topological surface states in a topological Kondo insulator SmB6.
Published in M. Neupane, N. Alidoust, S.-Y. Xu, et al., Nature Commun. 4, 2991 (2013).