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Topological Insulators & spin-polarized Dirac Fermions (2008) [Colloquium at Harvard University]

Spin-textured Topological Phases & Spin-Resolved-ARPES Technique (2008) [Colloquium at UC-Berkeley]

Direct detection of Topological Order in Topological Insulators (2008) [KITP-Lecture at Santa Barbara]

Summer School Lectures at Princeton Center for Theoretical Physics (2008) [Lecture series and Colloquium at Princeton University]

Topological Insulators, Novel Superconductors & Topological QSH physics [KITP Seminar 2007]

  Demonstration of a Fully Bulk Insulating (Intrinsic) Topological Insulator
Observation of topological surface state quantum Hall effect in an intrinsic three-dimensional topological insulator.
Published in Y. Xu, I. Miotkowski, C. Liu, J. Tian, H. Nam, N. Alidoust, J. Hu, C.-K. Shih, M. Z. Hasan and Y. P. Chen,
Nature Physics 10, 956 (2014).