Physics at LHC:

From Experiment

to Theory

March 21-24, 2007

Princeton University

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Scientic Program (Preliminary)


The workshop "Physics at LHC: From Experiment to Theory" will take place from Wednesday March 21 until Saturday March 24, 2007, and is hosted by the Princeton Center for Theoretical Physics and the Physics Department at Princeton University. The meeting will bring together high energy physicists with expertise ranging from formal theory to collider phenomenology, simulation and experiment. Talks and discussion will focus issues relevant to the discovery, interpretation and implications of potential new physics signals at the LHC.

The meeting is held jointly with the second workskop in the "Monte Carlo Tools for Beyond the Standard Model Physics" (MC4BSM) series, which will take place on March 23 and 24. The goal of the MC4BSM workshop series is to foster interactions and collaborations among model builders, phenomenologists, Monte Carlo experts, and experimentalists.

One afternoon session of the workshop is reserved for a new round of the LHC Olympics. The LHCO is a collective effort by theorists to train themselves in establishing a correspondence between theoretical models and experimental signatures, with the goal of developing new efficient inclusive signatures and collider simulation tools. Emphasis is given to model-independent approaches that go beyond the standard repertoire of beyond the Standard Model studies.

This Workshop will be preceded by "LHC-Tier 3 Science and Networking Needs Workshop - US Eastern Region" on March 20th 2007 at the same venue. Those interested in attending that event should refer to the this announcement/registration site.

Organizing Committee

Local Organizers

Chiara Nappi

Nathan Seiberg

Chris Tully

Herman Verlinde

Liantao Wang

MC4BSM organizers

Konstantin Matchev

Steve Mrenna

Maxim Perelstein

Peter Skands

Advisory Committee

Ignatios Antoniadis

Nima Arkani-Hamed

John Conway

Gian Giudice

Gordon Kane

Michael Peskin

Matt Strassler

Scott Thomas


Ignatios Antoniadis

Nima Arkani-Hamed

Zvi Bern

Michael Dine

Henry Frisch

Gian Giudice

Tao Han

Gordon Kane

Paul Langacker

Joe Lykken

Michael Douglas

Steve Mrenna

Michael Peskin

Frank Petriello

Riccardo Rattazzi(*)

Maria Spiropulu

George Sterman

Matt Strassler

Sheldon Stone

Jesse Thaler

Scott Thomas

Michael Tuts

James Wells

(*) To be confirmed

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LHC Workshop: March 21-24, 2007

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Scientific Program (Preliminary)

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